Creating a Xero Report

Once a Xero organisation has been connected to RadiusCore by following the instructions for Establishing a New Connection or Using an Existing Connection, Xero data can be imported to Excel. To add a new Xero report, follow the instructions below.

  1. Select the location in Excel (i.e. cell ‘A1’) you would like the report to be placed.

  2. Select Radius on your Excel ribbon.

  3. In the Reports section, press the Reports button and select the report you would like to create in Excel.

  4. The Report Settings window will appear. This can differ slightly depending on the report being created, but the settings are always broken into sections. Each section has a Help button that you can press for additional information.


Every Report Settings window will have a RadiusCore Layout section. This allows you to select how the report will be created in Excel. Table layout populates the Xero report to an Excel table. This format is ideal for data-manipulation. Report layout creates the Xero report in a print-friendly style like reports produced from Xero. This format is ideal for reporting packs.

Additionally, there is a Save Xero Org tick-box. If this is ticked, report data can be refreshed (i.e. updated with new Xero data). If it is not ticked, data in the report is static (i.e. cannot be updated). This option is only available for Table layout.

  1. Once Report Settings are appropriately configured, press Create. Depending on the size of the report, creation may take a little while.

  2. See Understanding RadiusCore Xero Reports for information on how to manage reports once they are created.