1. How do I disconnect from Xero?

    To disconnect a Xero organisation from RadiusCore use the Manage Connections Dashboard as explained in Managing Connections. Alternatively, you can use the Xero Connected Apps settings as explained here.

  2. Why can’t I access the User management panel?

    Only accounts with the ‘Administrator’ privilege have access to this dashboard.

  3. Why won’t my report data refresh?

    To refresh report data, you need to create the report in the Table format and have Save Xero Org ticked (see Creating a Xero Report). When performing the Refresh action, you need to ensure RadiusCore’s status is Enabled (see Logging into RadiusCore). For detailed instructions see Refreshing Xero Report Data.

  4. Who can see/access my Authorised Xero Organisations?

    Anyone with an account linked to your RadiusCore subscription (i.e. an account administrated from the Account Management Dashboard) can access all shared Xero organisations. Private connections can only be accessed by your account. See Managing Connections for more information on private/shared connections.

  5. How do I integrate RadiusCore to my Excel Workpaper/Budget/Forecast?

    RadiusCore can be integrated to spreadsheets in many ways. If you can build an integration using a default RadiusCore feature (i.e. accessible via the Excel Ribbon) this is the easiest way. If you need a tailored integration you can build your own macros that interface directly with RadiusCore using our CLI. If you need help integrating RadiusCore please do not hesitate to contact our team at enquiries@radiuscore.co.nz. We can provide advice on how to best proceed, and help you get the most out of RadiusCore.

  6. Can I use shortcut keys to access RadiusCore features (i.e. refresh reports)?

    Yes, you can. Create a macro in the workbook you wish to use the shortcut from, and in that macro call the appropriate RadiusCore function using our CLI. This macro can then be assigned a shortcut key using Excel’s macro settings page. Information on how to do this can be found here.

  7. Where is the documentation for RadiusCore’s CLI?

    CLI documentation is not available on our website. Please contact RadiusCore staff at enquiries@radiuscore.co.nz to ask about availability of this documentation.