Establishing A New Connection

To connect a new Xero organisation to RadiusCore please follow the steps below.

  1. Select Radius on your Excel ribbon.

  2. Ensure Add-in Status is showing Enabled. If this is not the case, follow Logging into RadiusCore instructions.


  3. To connect a new Xero organisation, press OptionsConnect in the Organisation section of the ribbon.


  4. In the Xero Connection Setup window that appears, the default selection for Choose Xero Organisation should be [New Xero Connection]. If it is not, select this option using the dropdown menu, then press OK. If you are connecting a Xero Practice Manager organisation, select [New Practice Manager Connection] instead.


  1. A new web browser tab will open in your default browser, showing the Xero login screen. Login to Xero and follow the on-screen prompts. When asked to select an organisation, use the drop-down list to do so, then press continue.


If the Xero organisation you want to connect is listed as Already Connected and greyed out, leave the drop-down box blank and press Continue with X organisations. To use the already connected organisation, follow the instructions in Using an Existing Xero Connection.

  1. Once the authorisation process is complete, a web page will load informing you of this. Close the browser window and return to Excel.


  2. Back in Excel, the organisation selected in step 5 will be loaded as the RadiusCore Active Organisation.


  3. Once the organisation name is displayed in the Active Organisation box, the connection is active. Follow instructions for Creating a Xero Report to learn how to import Xero data to Excel.