Using An Existing Connection

Radius Core allows users within the same RadiusCore subscription to share Xero/Practice Manager connections. This means if someone has connected a Xero organisation to RadiusCore at any point in time (and that connection is still valid), the connection can be used by anyone without needing to follow the authorisation process outlined in Establishing a New Xero Connection. To use an existing Xero connection, follow the instructions below.

  1. Select Radius on your Excel ribbon.

  2. Ensure Add-in Status is showing Enabled. If this is not the case, follow Logging into RadiusCore instructions.


  3. To connect an existing Xero organisation, press OptionsConnect in the Organisation section of the ribbon.


  4. In the Xero Connection Setup window that appears, use the Choose Xero Organisation dropdown menu, select the organisation you would like to connect to, then press OK.


You can start typing the organisation name and, if a matching entry is available, press TAB to auto select it.

  1. The organisation selected in step 4 should now show in the Active Organisation.


  1. Once the organisation name is displayed in the Active Organisation box, the existing connection is active. Follow instructions for Creating a Xero Report learn how to import Xero data to Excel.