Multiple Xero Connections

RadiusCore supports connecting to multiple Xero organisations in the same Excel workbook. To connect to more than one organisation, simply follow the instructions for Establishing a New Xero Connection or Using an Existing Xero Connection for more than one organisation in the same Excel workbook.

To verify more than one organisation has been successfully connected, navigate to Radius on the Excel ribbon, and select the drop-down box for Active Organisation. If more than one entity is listed, then multiple connections are present in the workbook.


To use multiple connections, prior to creating a Xero Report (see Creating a Xero Report), select the organisation you want to create the report for in the Active Organisation drop-down. The report will be created using the selected organisation.

When refreshing report data (see Refreshing Xero Report Data), data for all Active (see Understanding RadiusCore Xero Reports) RadiusCore Xero reports will be refreshed regardless of the Active Organisation.

When disconnecting a Xero organisation (see Disconnecting Excel from Xero), only tables linked to the Active Organisation will be disconnected. To disconnect more than one organisation, repeat the process for each organisation in the Active Organisation drop-down menu.