Logging Into RadiusCore

RadiusCore uses Xero Single Sign-On to securely connect to a RadiusCore subscription. Before you can use RadiusCore, you will need to ensure that you have a Xero account.

To join an existing RadiusCore subscription, ask a person with Administrator privilege to invite you using the email address associated with your Xero account (see Managing Access to RadiusCore).

Follow the instructions below to login to RadiusCore:

  1. Select Radius on your Excel ribbon.

  2. In the Add-in Status section press the status button ➔ Login.


  1. On the RadiusCore Login window that appears, select Sign in with Xero. This will open the Xero login page in your default web browser.

If you don't have access to a RadiusCore subscription, select Sign up with Xero to create a 30-day free trial!


  1. Follow the Xero login process and select Allow access to give RadiusCore to access your Xero user account information.


  2. Once login is successful, you will be directed to return to Excel as pictured below.


  3. If your Xero account has access to a RadiusCore subscription, you will see a success message, and the Add-in Status button will show Enabled.6_excel_ribbon

If you see the error message pictured below, please ensure you have access to a RadiusCore subscription (as outlined at the beginning of this section) and try again.


Once you have successfully logged into RadiusCore using your Xero credentials, these will be saved for future use. To remove saved credentials from a computer, do the following:

  1. In the Add-in Status section press the status button ➔ Logout to log out of RadiusCore.
  2. Start the login procedure by selecting the status button ➔ Login.
  3. On the RadiusCore Login window, under Saved Account, select Forget.6b_rc_login_form_forget