Introduction to RadiusCore

RadiusCore is an Excel add-on that connects Excel directly to Xero. Designed for accountants and bookkeepers, RadiusCore can help ensure accuracy of workpapers, budgets, forecasts and more. With RadiusCore you can improve workflow by minimising manual data entry and creating efficiencies that were not previously possible.

Designed to deliver organisation-wide access to all connected Xero organisations, RadiusCore is structured to provide wide-spread, unlimited access to those organisations that need it. Link each client only once and have access ready to go across multiple Excel workbooks, and even for subsequent financial years.

RadiusCore also features a full-scope command line interface (CLI). Because it has been built in native VBA code, you can build custom implementations into any Excel workbook. A basic level of ‘macro’ knowledge is needed to use the CLI, but if you don’t have the necessary expertise the team at RadiusCore are always happy to help you achieve the integration you are after!

With RadiusCore, data flows to and from Xero. The diagram below outlines an expected dataflow you can use RadiusCore for.