Keeping RadiusCore Up To Date

As RadiusCore is experiencing ongoing development it is important to always stay up to date, so you have the latest features available. An inbuilt update feature is included with RadiusCore, which makes getting the latest update easy.

When an update is available, a button will appear in the Version section of the RadiusCore ribbon showing the new version number.
Always keep an eye out for this button and update as soon as possible when it appears.


To complete the RadiusCore update, follow these instructions:

  1. Excel needs to be closed during the update process, so ensure all open Excel documents are saved. It is recommended to have only one document open when performing an update. This helps avoid any issues.

  2. Press the Update button (vX.X.X Available!). A window will pop up with information on the update and options on how to update.


  3. Select Download & Install. RadiusCore will automatically download the update package and launch it for you.

  4. Follow the prompts on the RadiusCore installer. Once complete, open Excel and check the RadiusCore version number to verify the update was successful.