Disconnecting Excel from Xero

This section is about breaking the link between an Excel document and a Xero organisation. Disconnecting in this manner will NOT remove the organisation from RadiusCore (it will still be available for creating new reports). To completely remove an organisation from RadiusCore (so it cannot be used again until reauthorized), see Managing Connections.

It is possible to disconnect Excel from a Xero organisation after data has been imported. To understand more about what disconnecting an organisation means see Understanding RadiusCore Xero Reports. To disconnect a Xero organisation, follow the instructions below.

  1. Select Radius on your Excel ribbon.

  2. In the Organisation section, select OptionsDisconnect.


  3. A prompt will provide more information about the disconnection process. Press Yes to disconnect.

  4. The Active Organisation will be disconnected from Excel. You will know if the process is successful as the Active Organisation will be blank.