Understanding RadiusCore Xero Reports

This section applies to RadiusCore Xero reports created in the Table layout only.

Reports created in Excel by RadiusCore have an Information Section (pictured below) at the top of the report.


The first three lines of this section detail the Report Type, Company Name, and Report Date. The last line provides information about when the report data was Last Updated (YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss). This effectively means the data in the report was retrieved from Xero at that point in time. If report data is refreshed (see Refreshing Xero Report Data), this date will be updated to reflect the date-time of the refresh.

Also present in the last line of the Information Section is a Xero Connection Status. This can either read Active or Inactive. If a Report’s Xero Connection Status is Active, it means the report is connected to Xero and can have its data refreshed. If the Xero Connection Status is Inactive the report is not connected to Xero and its data is static (unable to be refreshed).

When a Xero organisation is disconnected from Excel (see Disconnecting Excel from Xero) all tables connected to that organisation will have their Xero Connection Status set to Inactive, severing the connection to Xero.