Managing Connections

While removing connected apps is possible via Xero, RadiusCore provides a way for you to manage your authorised Xero organisations in one centralised place. To access the Manage Connections dashboard, follow the instructions below.

  1. Access the Manage Connections dashboard by pressing the status button ➔ Manage Connections.


  2. In the dashboard that appears, all Xero/Practice Manager organisations you have linked to RadiusCore will be listed. These can then be filtered into two categories, Private and Shared.

    • Private connections are Xero organisations that are not shared with other users in your active RadiusCore subscription. Only you can create and refresh reports for these organisations.
    • Shared connections are accessible by all users in your RadiusCore subscription. All users with access to your RadiusCore subscription can create and refresh reports for these organisations. When you connect a new organisation, by default it will be a shared connection.
  3. You can share or unshare connections using this dashboard. Simply select one of the filters (Private or Shared), and a button will appear in the bottom right to Share or Unshare the selected connection(s).


  4. You can also use this dashboard to Disconnect organisations from RadiusCore. Select one or more organisations then press Disconnect to the bottom left of the dashboard.