Introduction to RadiusCore CLI

RadiusCore is an Excel addon that connects Excel directly to Xero. Designed for accountants and bookkeepers, RadiusCore can help ensure accuracy of workpapers, budgets, forecasts and more. With RadiusCore you can improve workflow by minimising manual data entry and creating efficiencies that were not previously possible.

RadiusCore is written in VBA and provides public methods for other VBA projects to interface with it. This collection of public methods is referred to as a Command Line Interface (CLI). This document outlines public classes, properties, and methods available to use via the RadiusCore CLI.

RadiusCore would not be possible without open-source projects. RadiusCore uses code (original and/or modified) from the following open-source projects:

Special thank-you & shout-out to RubberDuck VBE add-in for bringing modern-day features to the Visual Basic Editor.