Disconnect ([OrgName], [TableName], [DisplayWarning])

OrgName - {String} OPTIONAL Specify to disconnect a specific organisation only.

TableName - {String} OPTIONAL Specify to disconnect a specific table only. This will only work if OrgName = EMPTY.

DisplayWarning - {Boolean} OPTIONAL Whether to show a warning prior to disconnecting.

Disconnect an organisation or table (i.e., RadiusCore report) from the ActiveWorkbook. If both OrgName and TableName are not specified, the ‘Active Organisation’ will be disconnected.

Public Sub radius_Sample()  
     ' Error handling.  
     On Error GoTo radius_ErrorHandling  

     ' Disconnect the `Active Organisation`.  

     ' Disconnect organisation `ABC Ltd`.  
     RadiusCore.Disconnect “ABC Ltd”

     ' Disconnect table `Table1` that contains a RadiusCore report.  
     RadiusCore.Disconnect TableName:=“Table1”

     ' Disconnect from organisation `ABC Ltd` without showing a warning.
     RadiusCore.Disconnect OrgName:=“ABC Ltd”, DisplayWarning:=False    

     Exit Sub  

     ' Implement per RadiusCore error handling example.  
End Sub