Create Report

CreateReport (Report, Location, ReportSettings, [ShowProgress])

Report - {RadiusReport} The Radius report to create.

Location - {Range|ListObject} Worksheet range or existing Excel table at which to create the report.

ReportSettings - {String} Json string containing report settings, as generated by GenerateReportSettings.

ShowProgress - {Boolean} OPTIONAL Set to False to hide RadiusCore’s progress bar.

Create any RadiusCore report from command line.

Public Sub radius_Sample()  
     ' Error handling.  
     On Error GoTo radius_ErrorHandling  

     ' Populate settings string, as generated by `GenerateReportSettings`.  
     Dim radius_Settings As String  
     radius_Settings = "{'Date at':'31 Mar 2020','Date Option':'Custom','Report Period Option':" & _
    "'Year to Date','Multi-Period Report':true,'Compare Periods':" & _
    "'Previous 1 Period','Compare With':'Previous Year'," & _
    "'Payments Only':false,'Standard Layout':false,'RadiusCore Layout Option':" & _
    "'Table','Customise Table Name':false}"  

     ' Create report on Sheet1, cell A1.  
     RadiusCore.CreateReport TrialBalanceMulti, Sheet1.Range("A1"), radius_Settings, True    
     ' Create report on an existing table on Sheet2. Don't show the progress bar.  
    RadiusCore.CreateReport TrialBalanceMulti, Sheet2.ListObjects("TableName"), radius_Settings, False

     Exit Sub  

     ' Implement per RadiusCore error handling example.  
End Sub