Managing Access

The controls explained in this section are available to RadiusCore Administrators only.

RadiusCore features an account management system within Excel that Administrator accounts can use to manage access to their organisation’s RadiusCore subscription. For details on the account management platform and its features please follow the instructions below.

  1. When logged into RadiusCore with an administrator account, you will be able to access the Account Management Dashboard by pressing the status button -> Manage User Accounts.


  2. In the account management screen that appears, you will see a list of Xero accounts that can be used to access your RadiusCore subscription. Any administrator account can allow access to a new Xero user account by pressing the Invite Xero Account button to the top left of the window.


  3. To add access for a Xero account, enter the email address linked to the Xero account then select Add User.


    In the Permissions section of the account creation screen, you can control various user permissions.

    • Administrator – Can access the Account Management Dashboard.
    • Guest – Limits available RadiusCore features to refresh (see Refreshing Xero Report Data).
    • Reviewer – Review access in RadiusCore workpapers.
    • Partner – Partner review access in RadiusCore workpapers.
  4. Accounts can be edited or removed by using the appropriate buttons from the Dashboard.

  5. For additional help using the Account Management Dashboard, access the in-app help dialogue by pressing the help button to the top right of the dashboard.