Refresh (All, [TableID], [ShowProgress])

All - {Boolean} Set to True to refresh all reports, False to refresh selected.

TableID - {String} OPTIONAL Specify a RadiusCore report to refresh by passing its TableName (if All = False).

ShowProgress - {Boolean} OPTIONAL Set to False to hide RadiusCore’s progress bar.

Refresh all or selected RadiusCore table(s) in the active workbook with the latest data from Xero.

Sub radius_Sample()
     ' Error handling.
     On Error GoTo radius_ErrorHandling

     ' Refresh all RadiusCore reports in the active workbook.
     RadiusCore.Refresh True

     ' Refresh selected table.
     RadiusCore.Refresh False

     ' Refresh table called `2020_TrialBalance` without showing the progress bar.
     RadiusCore.Refresh False, "2020_TrialBalance", False

     Exit Sub

     ' Implement per RadiusCore error handling example.
End Sub