Generate Report Settings

  1. GenerateReportSettings (Report) {String}

    Report - {RadiusReport} The report to create settings for.

    For use during development only.

    Use the RadiusCore report settings user interface to create a json string containing selected report settings. This string can then be used with the public method CreateReport to create a RadiusCore report via CLI.

    Report settings are returned as a json string with structure:

    Key - {Control.Name}

    Value - {Control.Value}|{Control.Text}

    Tracking is not supported, you may run into issues if you try to use it when generating report settings.

Public Sub radius_Sample()
     ' Print report setting string to immediate window so the generated string can
     ' be copied for use at a later date.
     Debug.Print RadiusCore.GenerateReportSettings(TrialBalanceMulti)
End Sub